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Do you know your vitamin D level?
Do you know your omega-3 levels?
Vitamin D and omega-3 deficiencies can put you at risk for chronic disease. These nutrients are essential to your everyday health.

It's a Global Health Issue

97.5% of the world's population is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids.
By taking simple dietary steps like increasing your consumption of foods or supplements rich in omega-3s EPA & DHA, your Omega-3 Index will rise. You can choose from a variety of options such as omega-3-rich fish like salmon or omega-3 supplements such as krill oil and fish oil.

Join the Power of Nutrients Field Trial:
Be a force for change in your health and the health care system.

It starts with you. In the privacy of your home you can check your vitamin D and Omega-3 Index levels with our one-step, easy-to-use test kit. You simply provide a (small) sample, mail the kit to our certified lab partner, and in 7-10 days after receiving your sample and a completed health questionnaire, your levels will be available to you online.

When you send in your test kit and become part of the nutrient field trial project, you'll answer some basic health and lifestyle questions that will give you feedback on your health and also allow you to see where your health status fits within a larger population. Together, we will advance the standard of care to help ensure more people maintain healthy levels of these important nutrients.

Vitamin D and Omega-3 Test Kits

Vitamin D Test Kit
  • 3 lancets
  • 2 blood spot cards
  • 1 envelope for returning the card
  • 1 gauze pad, 2 band aids, and 1 alcohol swab
  • Vitamin D literature
  • Instructions for taking the test and registering for the project

Know Your Levels - Live Life Well

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